Christchurch Response Centre Bulletin

9 March 2011


This bulletin gives Christchurch staff news on the current earthquake response and other helpful information. Email us if we can help you in any way: or call 0800 623 010.

Conserving Power

While more customers are now reconnected to the power network, there is also an increased pressure on the electricity grid. To conserve power: turn off unnecessary appliances such as heated towel rails; keep lights etc. to a minimum; and use appliances sparingly. It’s important to keep using your fridge and freezer.

National memorial service

Prince William will attend next week's national memorial service to mark the Christchurch earthquake. The national memorial service to remember quake victims will be held at Hagley Park on Friday 18 March. The service will start at 12.45pm and will include two minutes' silence at 12.51pm. The service will be televised.

Moving from response to recovery

At the response centre, things are now starting to progress from the “response” phase of the work to the “recovery” phase. A Christchurch-wide recovery plan for MAF is being developed to meet the on-going and longer-term needs of operations at 6 and 14 Sir William Pickering Drive; the airport; and Lyttelton Port. Maintaining the support services we have in place for the well-being and safety of MAF people and their families is the top priority.

Staff based at Sir William Pickering Drive (SWPD)

All air conditioning ducts have been secured with chains to prevent them falling. Other building repairs have been largely completed and the building is secure. Use the front entrance when you return to work, as you’ll need to have a safety briefing.

Staff welfare

Managers are continuing to check those not ready to return to work and, with the assistance of HR, will offer ongoing support to those who need it. We understand that you may need to take special leave sometime in the future. Your wellbeing and that of your family remains the most important priority. If you need more time away from the office, please talk with your manager.

We’ve got a range of support in place:

  • Special Leave - MAF is granting up to 15 days Special Leave for staff affected by the earthquake. Please review the Special Leave Guidelines and then talk with your manager, who will need to approve your leave request. Please record approved Special Leave on your tick sheet or timesheet.
  • The Canterbury Earthquake Welfare Fund (CEWF) is available to reimburse earthquake-related costs not covered by other services such as insurance or the Red Cross Fund. To make a CEWF claim, read the CEWF guidelines and then complete the claim form .
  • Employee Assistance Programme counsellor Brenda Levien is available for confidential one-on-one meetings with you and any of your family members. Contact her direct: 027 201 3380.
  • Val Goulding, Senior Adviser (HR) has joined the team and is based at 14 SWPD. The recruitment of the Staff Welfare Officer is close to being finalised.

It’s important we support one another and keep in contact with colleagues who aren’t yet in a position to return to work. Someone may need help if you notice changes such as:

  • quiet or withdrawn behaviour from someone who is usually outgoing;
  • uncharacteristic errors;
  • a quick temper.

Take the time to talk to each other about how we’re feeling and coping. If there’s a problem, there is assistance available from HR, the Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) and elsewhere.

EAP provides tips on coping with earthquake stress.

Facilities at 14 SWPD to help you

  • If your postal delivery services have not resumed, you can have mail sent here to collect anytime. The address is: MAF, PO Box 20 280, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8543.
  • A large mobile freezer is on site to store perishable food. Label each item with your name and date and log in and out with the reception team.
  • A washing machine/dryer.
  • A 40ft container to securely store important or valuable personal belongings. Label each item, keep an itemised list of what you have stored, and log in and out with the reception team.
  • Also…Prue Thornton (SQI at the airport) advises she knows a brick/block layer available for work until this Friday if needed – call Woody on 342 8842.

Food safety

  • Inspection teams have completed initial checks of all of more than 1200 food businesses.
  • Inspections are continuing with hospitals, seniors’ care homes, camping grounds, temporary EOC sites, and within the previously cordoned areas.
  • A Chinese-speaking staff member has been making site visits to businesses in the Chinese community with translated material on food safety.
  • Food safety pamphlets are being distributed to the public through local supermarkets.
  • To date, public health officials report no noticeable increase in gastroenteritis.
  • See MAF’s food safety information.

With regard to animal products (meat, seafood, pet food etc processing plants), the office at 6 SWPD is providing the normal range of services – it is “business as usual”.


Earthquake recovery updates Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council, as part of Civil Defence Emergency Management, provide updates via
There is also a 24-hr helpline - 0800 779 997.
CBD access On 10 March green zone 3 will be accessible to residents/business owners. The general public will have access to this zone on 11 March. Pay attention to road signs - there have been some traffic flow changes.
Electricity 98% reconnected: 8,900 customers without power. There is increased pressure on the grid – please conserve power where possible.
Water 84% of water supplies restored but use sparingly. City-wide “boil water” notice remains in place, even though chlorine is being added to parts of the system.
Sewerage About 60% households can use toilets. Avoid putting chemical toilet, or any liquid waste, bagged or not, into red or any other bins. Only solid waste can go into your red bin, and should be tightly wrapped in plastic. 960 portaloos will arrive from the US to be distributed in Christchurch's eastern suburbs this week.
Rubbish collection The Council Refuse Transfer Station at Metro Place, Bromley, will reopen from today (hours 7.00am-4.30pm). A special rubbish collection will be done in Zones 1,2,3 & 4 of CBD on 11 March for perishable rubbish. Only red and green bins will be collected. Normal collections will continue next week. 7-11 March - green and red bins will be collected regardless what day is your usual rubbish collection. Human waste can be put in the red bin if well wrapped in paper or a plastic bag. Yellow bins will be collected on your usual day. Residents are asked to help by moving bins from vacant households to the kerb (& return when emptied).
Building rubble Bricks, rubble and other demolition material will not be collected. Residents will need to arrange disposal themselves to Council EcoDepots.
Welfare centres Pioneer Stadium in Spreydon is now the only welfare centre still open. Assistance is now available through eight new recovery assistance centres (see below).
Recovery assistance centres Two new centres have opened: at Mt Pleasant Yacht Club and the Old Boys’ Collegian Cricket Pavillion at South Hagley Park. Centres also located at: Nga Hau e Wha Marae, Linwood Community Link, Wainoni Aranui Recreation Centre, Parklands Baptist Church, St Faiths Hall, Shirley Rugby Club, Lyttelton Rec Centre and Sydenham Community Centre.
Community meetings Christchurch Earthquake Response is holding community meetings in many of the worst affected suburbs – see the Timetable
Post Postal service has resumed to about 80% of the city, including SWPD, so you can opt to have your mail sent here (PO Box 20 280, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8543). The latest status on Christchurch mail services is on the NZ Post website.
Public transport Additional bus services to start this Friday for New Brighton, Ferrymead, Cashmere, Lyttelton, and CHCH airport. Bus Details here. Trains: Service to Greymouth has resumed. Bus replacements in place for CHCH to Picton.
Fuel Overall there are sufficient supplies.
Gas 97% of customers outside the CBD reconnected. However, full restoration including CBD will take “some time”.
Lyttelton Tunnel Open for residents' and essential service vehicles only.
Roads A list of closed roads is on the Christchurch City Council webpage.
Schools Check for the most up-to-date information.
Silt removal Further collections will be done as needed in the coming weeks.
IRD IRD has tax information available for individuals and businesses affected by the earthquake. IRD has also set up a disaster response line - 0800 473 566 - if you're facing difficulties.
Stray pets Phone 0800 lostpet (567873) for all lost pet enquiries, phone 03 941 8999 regarding animals inside the cordon, or try;;



Role Name Phone
HR & Employee Assistance Advice 0800 623 010
CHCH Response Manager Rob Miller 029 943 3702
Comms Adviser Iain Murray 021 776 156
Food Safety Issues John Bongiovanni 029 894 2618
Food Safety VA Mark Neilson 029 943 1792
CHCH Airport Office Main office number 03 943 3803
Border Roster Howard Hamilton 029 894 5684
Rural Coordinator Terry Donaldson 0274 337 127
Director on site Veronica Herrera 029 909 5725


Rob Miller
Christchurch Response Centre Manager


Last Updated: 09 March 2011

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