Performance Improvement Framework

MPI Performance Improvement Framework report 2013

A Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) review of MPI was published on 8 March 2013.

A panel of independent reviewers assessed the current state of MPI, and considered how well it is placed to deal with the opportunities and challenges faced over the medium-term. The review was managed by the State Services Commission.

The review shows what MPI is doing well and needs to continue, and where it needs to improve its performance to deliver the Ministry’s strategy and achieve the Export Double goal.

MPI PIF Report 2013

The agency response, which is included in the review, sets out how MPI will work towards its future state within the four year ‘excellence horizon’ set by the reviewers. Four focus areas have been identified:

  • Delivering on the 'Export Double'
  • Managing and developing our people
  • Leadership role within Government, the public and Primary Industries
  • Using a 'systems management' approach to maximising value

More detailed actions for each of these focus areas are being developed and there are also improvement initiatives already underway. Working together with the primary sector and other agencies, MPI will keep this momentum going to deliver its vision of Growing and Protecting New Zealand.

More information about the Performance Improvement Framework process can be found on the State Services Commission website -


Last Updated: 08 March 2013

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