Our outcomes

MPI is focused on growing the success of the primary sectors for the benefit of all New Zealanders. Read about our 4 long-term outcomes.

Our long-term outcomes are interconnected

To continue growing and protecting the primary industries for the benefit of all New Zealanders, we enable and partner with our stakeholders, including Māori, to achieve 4 long-term outcomes, which are supported by a set of 6 medium-term outcomes:

Maximise export opportunities

  • Export success is enhanced by the integrity of primary sector products and increasing the use of New Zealand’s unique culture and brand.
  • Exporters have improved access to fast-growing and high-value markets and benefit from new export opportunities.

Improve sector productivity

  • Improved generation of new ideas and their adoption and adaptation by the primary industries is supported by government actions.
  • The primary industries have greater access to capital and have the skills needed to grow and innovate.

Increase sustainable resource use (and improve sector productivity)

  • The primary sector maximises the use and productivity of natural resources within environmentally sustainable limits and is resilient to adverse climatic and biosecurity events.

Protect from biological risk

  • The primary sector is protected from biological risks through the effective operation of the biosecurity and food safety systems.

The 4 long-term outcomes are interconnected. New Zealand won't grow our primary industries' productivity and export earnings unless we protect our producers and industries from biological risk, increase the sustainable use of the natural resources they rely on, and enhance our international reputation for food safety.

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