The Natural Resources Sector (NRS) Briefing to Incoming Ministers

The Briefing was developed collectively by government agencies with an interest in natural resources and the environment and has helped us to identify where the NRS can make the best collective gains and how. The Briefing starts to articulate some of the complex issues we are facing and identifies the priorities that the NRS agencies feel need particular attention. This Briefing has been developed to sit over the top our individual agency BIMs and links together the different portfolio interests and perspectives on the priority natural resources issues.

The NRS was established in 2008 in response to the need to provide consistently high quality policy advice on natural resources. Most of the natural resources issues we are dealing with are cross-cutting and larger than one agency can tackle on their own, they have a range of value sets that create complexity and tension, and require solutions. Further information on the NRS can be found on the Ministry for the Environment website.


Last Updated: 02 February 2012

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