Building this site

We're building a single easy-to-use website to improve our online information. Read about why we're building a new website, new features to help you find what you're looking for, and how to give us your feedback.

Why we're changing

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) wants to help you find the information you need. You told us our 6 old websites were difficult to use. So in December 2014, we launched an all new '' website.

Over time this site will replace:

  • ''
  • ''
  • ''
  • the fisheries infosite ('').

Gradually shutting down old sites

On 20 September 2016, we closed the original '' website (which since December 2014 had been renamed '').

In January 2016, we closed the Foodsmart website (''), after moving the information about everyday food safety to this site – ''.

Bear with us while we build the new website

Replacing 6 old websites is a big job. We're re-writing and restructuring thousands of pages of information.

Because of the volume of information, we'll be adding content in stages over time.

This means some links will continue to take you to the old websites until we've finished rewriting content.

Our latest additions

Between May and September 2016, we've:

We also added more step-by-step importing processes:

And we've got more information about what's in your food:

We're still working on content in these sections and the others across our website.

If you have questions, email

What we're doing differently

Because your experience is our priority, we're:

  • reorganising information so that it's easy to find
  • giving you clear guidance on completing tasks
  • rewriting content in plain English
  • making a website that can be viewed on any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • improving accessibility by meeting the New Zealand Government Web Standards
  • using the Government's common web platform to ensure consistency and information security.

Can you help us get it right?

Volunteer to be a user tester, email us on

Finding information on the new website

The homepage has some features to help you find information quickly. From the homepage, you can:

  • click the homepage buttons to go to popular sections on our website
  • use the Quickfinder – select what you're after using the drop-down options
  • use the drop-down menu on the top left hand corner of the homepage
  • try 'Search' if what you need isn't obvious. The search checks the new and old websites
  • check out what's popular at the bottom of the homepage - a list of the most visited pages on our website.

If you can't find something, tell us by filling in our online feedback form

What do you think of the new website?

Your experience helps us continue to improve our website.

Fill in our online feedback form

Something not working?

We're working hard to build this site and if something is broken, we'll work quickly to fix it.

If you notice something broken, tell us by filling in our online feedback form

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