CIF Project: Maungaroa Irrigation Scheme

Grant No: 10/08

Contact details

Name of Applicant Group: Maungaroa Irrigation Scheme Limited
Grant Number: 10/08
Contact Person: Jeff Enckevort
Address: 187 Tablelands Rd, RD 1, Opotiki
Telephone: 07-315 8867

Project details

Status: Cancelled
CIF funding: $157,500 excl. GST
Proposed start date: 1 December 2010
Proposed finish date: 30 June 2012
Region: Bay of Plenty

Project description

The project involves the design of an Irrigation scheme to supply water to highly productive kiwifruit growing lands on the Te Kaha peninsula east of Opotiki. The land and climate  is rapidly becoming known as excellent for kiwifruit notable the new gold variety and other new varieties in the market place.

The issue/opportunity 

The land at times suffers from lack of rainfall, whilst the kiwifruit often during the same periods requires water to provide good growth and fruit set. Local streams are small and have unreliable flows, whilst approximately 4klms away the Kereu river of has been identified as an excellent source of water that has flows capable of supporting the existing horticulture orchards as well more areas as  investors and land owners develop more orchards in the future. It has been identified that the returns to land owners and therefore income for the community and social advantages are tremendous.

The context/background

The orcharding is presently being undertaken thru joint ventures between maori land owners and investors, the social benefits of increased income to the community, jobs and increased standard of living cannot be overstated, and has been recognised with a recent country calendar program. Excellent support has been received from local iwi and hapu groups as well Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Opotiki District Council. It is anticipated that design work will commence later this year, with tendering for construction getting underway early in 2012.


The Irrigation system will involve establishing an extraction\pump station close to the Kereu River, from which water will be pumped thru a rising main to a reservoir to be established on a nearby hillside, and from here gravity feeding various orchards over a 7klm gravity pipeline. Modelling of the system will be carried out to determine whether any booster stations or secondary reservoirs might be necessary.


Last Updated: 23 August 2012

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