CIF Project - Dairy Creek Irrigation Scheme

Grant No: 08/03

Last updated: 2 August, 2010

Contact Details

Name of Applicant Group: Manuherikia Irrigation Co-operative Society Ltd
Contact person: Gary Kelliher, Chairman, Manuherikia Irrigation Co-Op Society
Address: c/o Allison Sutton, P.O. Box 201, Alexandra 9340
Telephone: 03 449 2562
Email: or

Project Details

Status: Finished
CIF funding
: $30,000
Total project funding
: $60,000
Proposed start date
: 2010-07
Proposed finish date
: 2011-06
: Otago

Dairy Creek Irrigation Scheme Final Report

Project Description

Lower Manuherikia Valley Water Resources Study Summary Document is available here.

New irrigation scheme utilising water from Lake Dunstan to irrigate 3500ha on the Waikerikeri Terraces north of Alexandra.

The Issue/Opportunity

Justify the inclusion/exclusion of the Dairy Creek scheme to the adjoining wider Lake Dunstan scheme proposal, and to include or eliminate this option so the scheme can commence.

The Context/Background

Remove concern/confusion relating to the best option for the Dairy Creek scheme and allow the scheme to progress to the financing and water use consent stage.


Engage OPUS International Consultants as Consultant/Project Manager to include Dairy Creek option in wider Lake Dunstan study and report on the variations to current cost estimates with a recommendation which direction scheme should proceed. Dairy Creek group can then proceed with advancing the scheme with separated infrastructure as originally proposed or as an inclusion in the wider scheme infrastructure.

Project Update: June 2011

  • Scheme design modified to remove viticulture design and include command area as arable only
  • Compilation of a total scheme package to include updated farmer information pack, updated consenting information and process
  • Liaison with adjoining affected parties
  • Landowner commitment to land availability for inclusion into scheme for the major landowners
  • Targeting having an investor package available August/September 2011
  • Wider area group working on raising awareness of water issues through the agribusiness professional sector and then to the farmers/irrigators
  • This will then follow to establishment of water management groups and the completion of the upper valley study. Valley wide infrastructure design to follow with possible inclusion or exclusion of the Dairy Creek scheme dependant on outcome of design costings

Project Update: June 2010

Consultant (OPUS) is nearing completion of the wider Lake Dunstan Study reports. 

Release of the reports has been delayed due to some technical design issues that are complicating the headworks infrastructure and substantially affecting the capital cost indications.

Stage 1 Report-High level Overview is complete and issued to Society and ORC.

Stage 3 Report-Drinking Water Security Review is complete and issued to Society and CODC/ORC.

Stage 2 Report-Detailed Concept Design is delayed as stated above.

It has been agreed that all three reports will be released for consideration together so the completed reports are being held until that time.  It is hoped that this will be in the next 2-3 months (September/October 2010). OPUS is currently working through a substantial list of queries and revisions regarding the initial draft of the Stage 2 Detailed Concept Design.

CODC have been utilising the Stage 3 Report on an in house basis to assist with future drinking water decisions.

The inclusion/exclusion of the Dairy Creek scheme is part of the Detailed Concept Study

Update: February 2010

  • Advancement of the completed design and build proposal from Delta Consultant/Project Manager, OPUS, engaged and nearing completion of report justifying the inclusion or exclusion of the Dairy Creek scheme in the wider Lake Dunstan study.
  • Report should be available to the wider community May/June 2010.
  • Work progressing on scheme funding through individual approaches to mainstream banks and collectively with other Central Otago schemes with CODC led initiative to Central Government.
  • Landowner encouragement to progress farm plans for inclusion in permit to use application along with consultation with other user groups.


Last Updated: 17 August 2011

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