The pastoral sector covers New Zealand's pasture based-livestock industries including the dairy, deer, sheep, beef and wool sectors.

New Zealand's farming systems are based primarily on year-round grass fed livestock, housed outdoors. It is this system that makes New Zealand unique.

MPI provides summaries of the various pastoral industries, along with statistics, monitoring reports and analysis of the current trends and issues. It also provides information on funding programmes and practical support available to the sectors.

  Livestock numbers Exports Export value (2009) (mill $)
Dairy 4.35 million producing 1,394 million kg milk solids Butter, Cheese, Whole Milk Powder, Skim milk Powder, Casein 11429
Deer 1.2 million head Venison: 17000 tonnes 294
Sheep 32.4 million Lamb: 317,000 tonnes
Wool: 126,000 tonnes
Beef 4.1 million Beef: 371000 2005

Source: SONZAF June 2010

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