Agricultural Production Survey

About the Agricultural Production survey

The Agricultural Production survey is part of an on going programme of agricultural production statistics conducted in partnership with Statistics New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand collects data on behalf of MPI on a yearly basis. The Agricultural Production survey provides information about animal farming (including sheep, beef and dairy cattle, and deer), crop growing (including grain and seed crops, fruit and vegetables, wine grapes and nursery plants), and forestry and farm practices (including irrigation and fertiliser use).

History of the Agricultural Production survey

The current programme began with an agricultural production census in 2002 and was followed by yearly sample surveys from 2003 to 2006. An agricultural production census was held in 2007. Sample surveys were held in 2008 and 2009.

Where to find data

All data from the Agricultural Production census and surveys can be found on the Statistics New Zealand website. On this page you will find the latest Agricultural Production survey releases, all data, reports and articles, information about the survey and information for survey participants.

Alternatively, you can access the Statistics New Zealand Infoshare website. This tool allows you to browse for data by category or use the search function.

Statistics New Zealand also offer Tablebuilder. This is a tool which allows you to extract information from large tables.You can select your variables, and organise rows and columns in your table in the way that best meets your needs.

Other information relating to agricultural statistics can be found here.

Release dates

Provisional results are released by Statistics New Zealand each year in February and final results are released in May each year.


Last Updated: 08 January 2014

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