Entering New Zealand

One of New Zealand's greatest assets is its relative geographical isolation. Less than 10% of the world's pests and diseases occur in New Zealand. Being a small island country, known for its lush vegetation, farming and natural beauty, major parts of the economy are dependent on the country's environment. That is why just one new pest or disease could be devastating.

It is the job of MPI to ensure that New Zealand remains free from harmful pests and diseases. Strict laws are in place for all travellers and belongings entering New Zealand (by air or sea).

You will find information about what to expect on arrival, what paperwork is needed, and what you can and cannot bring or send in the Personal Travellers area of this site. There you will find information on what you will experience when you enter New Zealand either by air or by sea, as well as information about bringing Your Belongings, Your Pets or Mailing things to or from the country.

Commercial Importers can find information about products entering New Zealand under the Standards and Regulations, Importing section of this site.


Last Updated: 02 May 2012

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