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2014 Northland Storm

On 15 July the Primary Industries’ Minister Nathan Guy classified the Northland storm as a medium-scale adverse event.  See here for more information on the Northland Storm and Frequently Asked Questions.

Government policy on on-farm adverse climatic events and on-farm biosecurity recovery

Rural individuals and communities remain primarily responsible for their response and recovery from adverse climatic and natural disaster events and biosecurity incursions. Individuals, communities and industry must take all reasonable steps to mitigate and manage risks both from climatic events and natural disasters and from possible biosecurity incursions.

Managing the risk of adverse events that may disrupt your business is part of building a resilient and robust business. Farmers should put in place strategies, such as access to a generator, maintaining insurance cover or adhering to best practice, to mitigate and manage potential effects of adverse events. There are times, however, when an event is beyond a rural community's capacity to cope, and central government assistance may be required to help rural communities recover more quickly.

The On-Farm Adverse Events Recovery Plan for adverse climatic events and natural disasters explains individual and rural community responsibilities in responding and recovering from adverse events. It outlines strategies to build resilient farming businesses, briefly describes the government assistance available in a localised, medium or large-scale adverse climatic or natural disaster event impacting on-farm, and outlines the criteria used to classify events.

In June 2012 the Government announced a new Biosecurity Recovery Framework. This framework will guide what recovery assistance may be made available to farmers/growers seriously impacted by a new disease or pest incursion.

For specific information on the government's on-farm adverse events recovery policy refer to the following links:

For specific information on the government's Biosecurity Recovery Framework refer to the following links:

MPI also has additional information relating to specific events found via the following links:

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management provides information to prepare your household for an adverse event.

Rural assistance payments

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) may provide rural assistance payments after a medium or large-scale adverse event to help farming families meet essential living expenses.

Rural Assistance Payments are administered through the Rural Support Trusts and your local Work and Income office.

Coping with stress on the farm?

If you or someone you know frequently feels frazzled or overwhelmed, you can help protect yourself and others from the stresses of farm life by recognising the symptoms of stress and taking steps to reduce it.

The pamphlet Coping with stress on the farm? identifies a number of causes of stress and its symptoms. It also provides some practical ways to manage stress, and a list of contacts for further information and support.

Useful information for planning for adverse events


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