SLMHCE Project: Waipaoa River Catchment Works Facilitation

Grant No: 10/06

Last updated: 03 Feb, 2011

Project Title: Waipaoa River Catchment Works Facilitation
Grantee: Gisborne District Council
Grant Number: 10/06
Contact Person: Trevor Freeman
Address: PO Box 747, Gisborne 4040
Telephone: 06 867 2049
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Project details

Status: In progress
HCEF funding: $102,500 (excl GST)
Total project funding: $102,500
Proposed start date: 2010/11
Proposed finish date: 2013/14
Region: Gisborne

Project description

The project will engage with landowners in the Waipaoa Catchment to promote soil conservation works that fall outside the scope of the East Coast Forestry Project or are not on Overlay 3A land (for which tree planting is required by rules within Gisborne District Council’s District Plan). Within these parameters eroding sites of priority to the Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme will be identified and landowner support sought for practical treatment options. The Waipaoa River Flood Control Scheme protects the intensively farmed land on the lower flats but it is vulnerable to aggradation caused by upper catchment soil erosion. It is expected that further HCEF funding will be sought to assist in implementing the agreed soil conservation works.


Last Updated: 03 February 2011

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