Funding Criteria

Funding Criteria – what will your application be assessed on?

1. Contribution to sustainability

Projects must demonstrate how they contribute to economic, environmental and/ or social sustainability.

2. Significance of the problem or opportunity

Describe how significant the problem is to the Community of Interest submitting the application. Importance and relative priority to the sector and/or region, plus links to strategic plans or policy objectives (if applicable) will be taken into account. Does the project demonstrate an innovative approach with appropriate linkages to other research/work or is it “re-inventing the wheel”.

3. Community of interest commitment

A ‘Community of Interest’ is a group of people directly affected by a common problem or opportunity who will benefit from a successful project. SFF requires the Community of Interest to demonstrate their commitment to the project e.g. by their representation on the project team and their level of cash and in-kind support. The Community of Interest should be led by farmers, foresters or growers.

4. Ability to deliver

Project management, financial management and technical skills plus a sound methodology are needed. The panel must have confidence that the project team can deliver on the proposed project.

5. Adoption and Extension

The proposal needs to demonstrate that the results can be disseminated through appropriate networks, and that the team has the capability to develop and implement a robust extension strategy that will lead to adoption. It must be clear how the success of the project will be evaluated, what the long term benefits will be and how they will be measured.

6. Risk

Is the risk involved in the project acceptable? Identify any risks posed by the project as well as any technical and/or delivery risks and how such risks might be mitigated. The panel must be satisfied that the level of residual risk is acceptable and that the funding sought is appropriate for this level of risk.

7. Value for money

Projects need to demonstrate a good return on investment. The overall value of the outcomes of the successful project – whether economic, environmental, and/ or social – will be taken into consideration. The level of non-SFF funding and in-kind contributions will be assessed relative to the project.

Note: The assessment panel also considers overall regional representation, sector representation and the relationship to SFF’s objectives.


Last Updated: 30 July 2012

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