The quality and quantity of our water provides a key competitive advantage for New Zealand’s agriculture industries.

Most parts of the country receive regular rainfall that promotes plant growth and provides stock water, and many farmers also have ready access to water from rivers, lakes and wells.

MPI carries out a range of work around water, to encourage and support irrigation projects, to monitor and manage the impact of farming on fresh water, and to support the development of policies and rules governing how fresh water is managed and allocated.

MPI is co-leading the Government’s programme for freshwater reform. Read more
Irrigation plays an important role in agricultural productivity and is a major contributor to the New Zealand economy Read more
The accord is an agreement to achieve clean and healthy water in dairying areas. Read more
A modelling system to assess the effects of land-use changes on water quality and socio-economic indicators. Read more


Last Updated: 08 March 2013
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