Food control plan – food service and food retail

Find out how to complete the food control plan for food service and food retail businesses.


Read the Getting started with your template food control plan guidance, and then create your plan.

Getting started with your template food control plan guidance [PDF, 2.7 MB]

Translations available

The guidance document for a template FCP has also been translated into Chinese and Korean:


A food control plan is a written plan to help you keep food safe. It helps you identify and manage food safety risks, and set procedures for things like cleaning, maintaining equipment, and ensuring food is cooked and stored correctly.

There are 2 main sections in this template food control plan – 'Basics' and 'Specialist'.

The Basics section has 3 documents – Basics Pack, Diary, and Retail Basics.

  • Everyone needs to complete the Basics Pack and the Diary.
  • Food retailers also need to complete Retail Basics.

For the specialist sections, download and complete the categories relevant to your business. All businesses will need to complete at least one specialist section category. Instructions to help you are in the template.

Once you have completed your plan, you must follow it to make safe food. You don't need to send your plan to us. A food safety verifier (auditor) such as your local council will visit to check your plan, and that you are using it correctly.

Complete the Basics Pack

This section of the template must be used by everyone. It contains 6 sub-sections:

Introduction: Information about how to turn the template into your own food control plan, and use it in your business. Read this section before you start.
Management: Use this section to fill in your business details, keep records, and provide information about your location, equipment, and staff training.
Places Basics: This covers the basic procedures that all businesses must have in place to keep food safe at their premises, such as cleaning and maintaining equipment.
People Basics: This covers what you will do when staff are unwell, and how you monitor staff sickness, hand cleaning, and personal hygiene.
Food Basics: This includes your procedures to keep food safe, such as cooking temperature, chilling and frozen food storage, and food labelling.
Records Basics: Use this sub-section to record the things you need to check on a daily or weekly basis. You will record things like the temperature your food is cooked to or stored at, and anything that changes or goes wrong.

Download the Basics Pack [PDF, 3 MB]

Complete Diary

The Diary is a record-keeping template. You can use it to keep the records outlined in Records Basics (or you can develop your own records if you wish).

Download the Diary [PDF, 1 MB]

Complete Retail Basics, if you're a retailer

Food retailers must complete this section.

Download Retail Basics [PDF, 804 KB]

Complete relevant specialist sections

Specialist sections are designed to help you manage the particular risks associated with your type of business. For example, restaurants and cafes will have different risks to manage than butchers or bakers.

Use the following specialist section documents that apply to your business. All businesses will need procedures from at least one of these specialist categories.

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