Health Star Ratings

Health Star Ratings are a quick and easy way for you to choose healthier packaged foods.

The more stars, the healthier the food

Health Star Ratings rate the nutrition content of packaged food from half a star to 5 stars. The more stars, the healthier the food.

Examples of  Health Star Rating nutrient labels
Examples of Health Star Ratings

This page has information for consumers about the Health Star Rating. Industry guidance is on our food safety website:

Compare products in the same category

The stars make it easier for you to choose healthier products from the same food group.

For example, if you have 'cereal' on your shopping list, use the Health Stars to compare cereals and choose the healthiest one.

Health Star Ratings are voluntary so you won’t see them on all packaged foods but you'll see them appear on more products over time.

Health stars give you an independent, quick, and simple way of comparing similar packaged foods so you can make a healthier choice. Most packaged foods can get a Health Star Rating.

Video: Health Star Rating advertisement (31 seconds)

Video title: Health Stars NZ - Ever wondered how healthy your food is? (Full version)

[Animated cereal boxes sitting on supermarket shelf displaying Health Star Ratings; Box 1 has 1 and a half stars, Box 2 has 2 and a half stars, Box 3 has 4 and a half stars]

Box 2: Have you ever wondered how healthy we are?

Box 1: Come on, man. You’ve got this. Just close your eyes. You can feel it.

[Boxes 1 and 2 close their eyes and hum like they are meditating.]

Box 2: Are you sure this is how it works?

Box 1: Believe, bro. Believe.


[Box 3 gets picked up off the shelf by a shopper]

Box 3: Later.

Box 1: What’s so special about her?

Box 2: Four and a half stars! She’s like a galaxy.

[Camera focuses on 2 ½ star image]

[Last screen shows:
Health Star Ratings image, “Healthier is easy when you look for Health Stars”, Ministry of Health logo, Ministry for Primary Industries logo, Health Promotion Agency logo]

[End of transcript]

Supported by Australian and NZ governments

The Health Star Rating system is a joint initiative between the Australian and New Zealand governments. A number of committees are guiding its implementation.

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