Grant rates and payment schedule

  Grant payment schedule
Treatment Distance from the Gisborne Port* (km) Grant rates On establishment Final payment
Plantation Forests # 0-80
$1,033/ha (year 0)
$1,410/ha (year 0)
$1,974/ha (year 0)
$443/ha (at final thin or year 8)
$604/ha (at final thin or year 8)
$846/ha (at final thin or year 8 or as stated in individual approval certificates)
Indigenous Reversion # for all distances $1,512/ha $756/ha (year 0) $756/ha (year 5)
Space planted Poles/Wands for all distances 70 percent of the actual
and reasonable cost
80 percent of the total grant (year 0) 20 percent of the total grant (year 3)

# Plantation forests and Reversion treatments will also qualify for a further top-up for actively eroding gullies over 2 hectares in size by multiplying the base rate ($1,476/ha for forestry and $1,512 for reversion) by the percentage of qualifying gully area in an application. Contact the MPI Gisborne office for the many different species of Plantation forest available such as Manuka, Eucalyptus, Cypress, Redwoods, Pinus Radiata etc.

* Grant rates for Plantation forests treatments lying between those distances shown above are available from the ECFP office and will be payable at 70% on establishment and 30% at final thin or as stated in individual approval certificates.


Last Updated: 21 January 2014

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