Forestry ETS Forms - Add a Carbon Accounting Area (CAA)

Participants who have been registered with respect to post-1989 forest land may make certain changes to their registration; in some cases they are obligated to make changes. These changes will affect the post-1989 forest land registered in relation to a particular participant.

Purpose of form

To apply to bring additional post-1989 forest land into the ETS by adding a new CAA to an existing registration.

When to use this form

At any stage after a participant has been registered.

Who can use this form

A participant who is already registered in respect of post-1989 forest land.

Information you need to complete the form

  • the name and contact details of the participant;
  • participant name and holding account number;
  • the legal description of the land included in the CAA(s) to be added:
    • Land Parcel or Block description;
    • Certificate of Title (Computer Register)
    • Maori Land Court reference;
    • Deed reference.
  • evidence that the forest was planted after 31 December 1989, e.g.:
    • forest maps showing the year of establishment;
    • aerial or other photographs of the forest area taken in 1990 or earlier;
    • planting contractor's invoices;
    • Resource Management Act resource consents;
  • the relationship the participant has to each land title to be added:
    • Landowner;
    • Registered forestry right holder;
    • Registered leaseholder;
    • Party to a Crown conservation contract;
  • completed and signed Interested Party Consent forms (if applicable);
  • an electronic shapefile (.shp) of the forest land area and forest attributes that meets the Mapping Standard. New CAAs must have unique CAA attributes (not re-using numbers from previous registration or transactions);
  • he shapefile must be saved to CD or DVD media and posted along with the completed application form to the postal address specified in the form.

Subsequent Obligations

Participants can file a voluntary emissions return after 1 January and before 31 March each year following registration. In addition a mandatory emissions return is due after 1 January and before 31 March 2013.

Options for submitting form

You can submit a Post-1989 Add a CAA form Online,or by printing the form Post-1989 Add a CAA from the MPI website, completing it and posting it to MPI along with the shapefile.


Last Updated: 07 November 2013

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