Forestry ETS Form - Approval of Authorised Representative

Options for submitting form

You can submit an Approval of Authorised Representative form by printing, completing and sending the form Approval of Authorised Representative  to MPI.

Certain supplementary forms may need to be included with the main transaction form.

Purpose of form

Where a participant/applicant wishes to appoint an Authorised Representative to act as an agent on their behalf for matters relating to the Climate Change Response Act (2002). Appointing an Authorised Representative is a serious matter which you should carefully consider. Rights and obligations of participants under the Climate Change Response Act (2002) remain with the participant, not the Authorised Representative.

When to use this form

Use this form when submitting any application/notification which is to be signed by an Authorised Representative instead of the parties making up the participant.

If an Authorised Representative is NOT assigned, then the legal structure of the person(s) comprising the participant will determine who needs to sign the form (or to submit it online). Please see the legal entity structure table below:

Participant Legal Structure Required to sign form
Natural Person(s) Each and every person
Limited Company One Director
Limited Partnership, Incorporated Society, or Co-operative Company  One approved person
Government Department or Crown Entity Chief Executive
Unincorporated Bodies (UB) (at least) One member of the Unincorporated Body
Trust, if not UB All Trustees
Partnership, if not UB All Partners

Who should use this form

The participant/applicant wishing to appoint an Authorised Representative.

Information you need to complete the form

  • participant/applicant name and holding account number;
  • the name and contact details of the Authorised Representative;
  • names and signatures of participants/applicants appointing the Authorised Representative.

Subsequent Obligations

The participant/applicant is required to notify MPI if they wish to cancel the appointment of an Authorised Representative.


Last Updated: 28 July 2014

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