Forestry ETS Form - Remove Land from a Carbon Accounting Area (CAA)

Participants who have been registered with respect to post-1989 forest land may make certain changes to their registration; in some cases they are obligated to make changes. These changes will affect the post-1989 forest land registered in relation to a particular participant.

Purpose of form

To apply to remove some, but not all, of the post-1989 forest land within a CAA from the ETS.

When to use this form

At any stage after a participant has been registered, either voluntarily or because the land within the CAA is no longer eligible forest land. One form can be used to remove some forest land from more than one CAA. However, this form should not be used if ALL of the forest land in a CAAs is being removed (in which case the Remove a Carbon Accounting Area form should be used). This form should not be used if the land remaining in a CAA would no longer be eligible Post-1989 forest land.

Who can use this form

A participant who is already registered in respect of post-1989 forest land

Information you need to complete the form

  • the name and contact details of the participant;
  • participant name and holding account number;
  • a list of CAA numbers that are affected by the land removal
  • an electronic shapefile (.shp) of the forest land area to be removed that meets the Mapping Standard, and is constrained by the boundaries of existing CAAs
  • the shapefile must be saved to CD or DVD media and posted along with the completed application form to the postal address specified in the form.

Subsequent obligations

Participants must file an emissions return (unit reconciliation) within 20 working days of applying to remove land from a CAA. The participant must surrender an equivalent number of emissions units to NZUs previously transferred to a participant in respect of the removed CAAs. There is no obligation to surrender units for land where a natural event that permanently prevents a forest being re-established. This means that you do not need to file an emissions return (unit reconciliation) within 20 working days of applying to remove a CAA.

Options for submitting form

You can submit a Post-1989 Remove Land from a CAA form by printing, completing and sending the form Post-1989 Remove Land from a CAA to MPI by postal mail.


Last Updated: 22 March 2013

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