Forestry ETS Form - Transfer of Participation (Expiry/Termination)

Participants who have been registered with respect to post-1989 forest land may make certain changes to their registration; in some cases they are obligated to make changes. These changes will affect the post-1989 forest land registered in relation to a particular participant.

Purpose of form

To notify that post-1989 forest land should be transferred from one registered participant to another person who should become the registered participant for that forest land, when a registered forestry right, registered lease or Crown conservation contract expires or is terminated. Where any of these contractual arrangements expire or terminate, the landowner automatically becomes the participant and replaces the previous participant in relation to the land covered by the expiring contractual arrangement. This form acts as a joint notification by the Transferor and the Transferee and contains sections that must be completed by each.

The registered participant in respect of the affected post-1989 forest land changes:

  • From:
    A current registered post-1989 participant whose relationship to the Title is that of registered forestry right holder, registered lessee or party to a Crown conservation contract (Transferor);
  • To:
    A landowner who is either an existing registered post-1989 participant or who needs to become a registered post-1989 participant as a consequence of the transfer (Transferee).

When to use this form

Within 20 working days of the expiry or termination of a registered forestry right, registered lease or Crown conservation contract.

Who can use this form

A participant who is already registered in respect of post-1989 forest land and the owner of the affected land.

Information you need to complete the form

  • the name and contact details of the person submitting the notification;
  • Transferor and Transferee participant names and holding account numbers;
  • a list of CAA numbers that are affected by the land transfer
  • the legal description of the transferred land:
    • Land Parcel or Block description;
    • Certificate of Title (Computer Register);
    • Maori Land Court reference;
    • Deed reference.

Subsequent Obligations

The Transferor must file an Mandatory Emissions Return (Transmission) within 20 working days. 

Options for submitting form

You can submit a Post-1989 Transfer of participation (Expiry/Termination) form by printing, completing and sending the form Post-1989 Transfer of participation (Expiry/Termination) to MPI by postal mail.


Last Updated: 20 February 2013

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