Forestry ETS - Post-1989 Applying to be Registered as a Participant

Purpose of form

To apply to be registered as a voluntary participant of the ETS with respect to post-1989 forest land.

When to use this form

At any time before 31 December 2012.

Who should use this form

The following persons are eligible to apply to be registered as voluntary ETS participants with respect to a particular area of post-1989 forest land:

  • the landowner(s);
  • a registered forestry right holder;
  • a registered lessee;
  • a party to a Crown conservation contract.

Information you need to complete the form

  • the name and contact details of the participant;
  • an NZEUR holding account number in the name of the participant (for further information regarding an NZEUR holding account please see
  • where the participant consists of multiple legal entities/persons and they wish to nominate an authorised representative, a completed Approval of Authorised Representative form
  • completed and signed Interested Party Consent forms (if applicable);
  • the details of the property included in the application form:
    • Land Parcel or Block description;
    • Certificate of Title (Computer Register) reference;
    • Maori Land Court reference;
    • Deed reference.
  • If not completing the form online, you will need an electronic shapefile (.shp) of the forest land area and forest attributes that meets the Mapping Standard
  • If not completing the form online, the shapefile must be saved to CD or DVD media and posted, along with a completed application, form to the postal address specified in the form;
  • evidence that the forest was planted after 31 December 1989, e.g:
    • forest maps showing the year of establishment;
    • aerial or other photographs of the forest area taken in 1990 or earlier;
    • planting contractor's invoices;
    • Resource Management Act resource consents;
  • credit card details (or a cheque) to provide the application fee payment.

Subsequent Obligations

Participants can file a voluntary emissions return after 1 January and before 31 March each year following registration. 

Mandatory emissions returns covering the period 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2012 are required to be submitted by all participants between 1 January and 31 March 2013.

Participants with post-1989 forests areas totalling 100 hectares or more that are registered in the ETS are required to use the field measurement approach for determining the carbon stocks in their forests for the mandatory emissions return. 

Options for submitting form

You can submit a Post-1989 Apply to be Registered as a participant form online, or by printing, completing and sending the form Post-1989 Apply to be Registered as a participant to MPI by postal mail.


Last Updated: 13 March 2013

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