31 January deadline for notifying MAF fast approaching!

21 January 2010

People who have deforested more than 2 hectares of pre -1990 forest land between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2009 have 10 days left to notify MAF of the deforestation.

Deforestation after 31 December 2009 of more than 2 hectares of pre-1990 forest land must be notified to MAF within 20 working days of starting the deforestation by the person responsible (usually the landowner).

People who deforest more than 2 hectares of pre-1990 forest land become mandatory participants of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and are legally obliged to:

  • Notify MAF;
  • File an emissions return by 31 March 2010 quantifying their liability to surrender units;
  • Surrender units to meet their emissions liability by 31 May 2011 (but not before 1 January 2011).

Notification must be made using a prescribed form. The notification form is available at: www.maf.govt.nz/sustainable-forestry/ets/form_notify-deforestation.htm

Forms should be sent to:

Emissions Trading Scheme
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
PO Box 1127

One of the key pieces of information that must be included on the notification form is a mandatory participant's holding account number at the New Zealand Emission Unit Registry (NZEUR).

Holding accounts are obtained by applying to the NZEUR at: https://www.eur.govt.nz/

For further information contact 0800 Climate (254 628)

Media Contact:
Iain Butler, MAF Communications, Phone: 04 894 0471 / 029 894 0471



Last Updated: 21 September 2010

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