A Must-Read for those concerned about Protecting Animal Health

12 February 1998

The Ministry of Agriculture's new publication, Biosecurity is a must-read for anyone concerned about protecting the life and health of New Zealand's animal population. MAF will use Biosecurity to improve consultation and communication with a diverse range of people and organisations on animal health biosecurity issues. The Ministry is committed to actively seeking, prior to decision making, information or advice from those who might be affected by a decision outcome.

The publication will also be full of information on current import issues and developments in biosecurity policy and operations. It will summarise changes to New Zealand's animal health biosecurity standards and detail new, cancelled or revised import health or quarantine standards. It will also step back from immediate issues, and put before readers issues demanding long-term focus.

Biosecurity is produced by MAF's Animal Health and Welfare group. It will replace MAF's newsletter Sentinel, which was published on behalf of both the Ministry's Plants and Animal Health and Welfare groups. Another publication to deal with plant health, encompassing horticulture, arable crops and forestry is in the planning stages.

Biosecurity will be published eight times a year and distributed free to those interested. The first issue (February 1998) is out now.

To receive copies contact:

Martin Van Ginkel, MAF, PO Box 2526, Wellington



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