Advisory – No Sea Squirt detected in Tauranga or Whitianga

2 December 2005

Biosecurity New Zealand's surveillance of high risk locations for the presence of the sea squirt, the clubbed tunicate, has not detected its presence in Tauranga or Whitianga.

This week has seen surveillance work undertaken in Tauranga, Whakatane and Whitianga.

In Tauranga, Sulphur Point Wharf, Mount Maunganui Wharf and the Bridge Marina were inspected.  No sign of the clubbed tunicate was detected at any of these locations.

There was no detection in Whitianga either.

Biosecurity New Zealand says that while the non-detection is positive news, it has to be understood that the marine environment is vast and the agency can only target the areas in each location that the sea squirt is thought to be most likely to be present in.

Whakatane was examined earlier this week, but the visibility there was too poor to make any accurate inspection.  While the sea squirt was not detected at the time, the area will be re-surveyed next Thursday/Friday 8/9 December.

New Plymouth is being inspected today.

Biosecurity New Zealand continues to ask members of the public and marine users to report any suspect finds to its free 0800 number: 0800 80 99 66.

And it is asking boaties to ensure their boat hulls are clean and free of fouling. The sea squirt can be spread on fouled boat hulls.

Detailed information about the sea squirt, including pictures, can be found at:

For further information, including setting up photo opportunities at surveillance locations, please contact: Lesley Patston Senior Communications Adviser tel: 027 2051418



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