Animal Products Act 1999 - Implementation Timeline

The transitional provisions for the Animal Products Act regime are dealt with in the Animal Products (Ancillary and Transitional Provisions) Act 1999.

There is a three-year transitional period. Over this period, both the Animal Products Act and the Meat Act and the Apiaries Act will operate in parallel, except a single regime will operate from 1 November 1999 for cost recovery, homekill and export controls.

Date Required Action
1 November 1999
  • All provisions in the Animal Products Act commence, except establishing Risk Management Programmes (as outlined in Part 2 of the Act).
  • Existing custom killing premises deemed to be homekill and recreational catch service providers have a 6-month transition period in which time they must list with MAF.
  • Existing Fish Export Licensees, Meat Export Licensees and Game Export Licensees, deemed to be registered exporters, have a 6-month transition period in which time they must individually register as exporters.
  • An exporter must be registered before an official assurance can be given.
30 April 2000
  • All exporters required to be registered by the Animal Products Act regime must now be individually registered.
  • Homekill and recreational catch service providers must now be listed with MAF.
Target date –
May 2000
  • MAF's target date is May 2000 to begin registering risk management programmes as outlined in Part 2 of the Act.
  • All "new businesses" must operate under a risk management programme (unless an undertaking for a Meat Act licence has been issued).
  • No more undertakings for premises licences under the Meat Act will be given.
Likely period – May 2000 to May 2001
  • From the commencement of Part 2, certain foreign-owned New Zealand fishing vessels have a 12-month period in which to register Risk Management Programmes.
  • The completion of the 12-month period is also the end of any premises licenses to be issued under the Meat Act.
1 August 2002
  • Applications to register Risk Management Programmes must be at least 3 months prior to the end of the transition period if they are to be registered by 1 November 2002.
31 October 2002
  • Final date for existing businesses to register and operate Risk Management Programmes.
  • Transitional period ends: Meat Act and Apiaries Act regime repealed.


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