Animal Products Act commences November 1

28 October 1999

The Animal Products Act 1999, which covers the production and processing of all animal products, commences in most parts on Monday (1 November 1999).

It will deliver food safety assurances, advance New Zealand's export competitiveness and has the potential to save New Zealand millions per annum.

It will directly affect a wide range of New Zealanders such as processors of animal products, farmers, dual butchers, homekill operators, exporters and recreational hunters.

The new Act will help ensure animal products are safe from diseases, defects and contaminants of concern. This is vital to the health and well being of all consumers on both the domestic and international market.

Internationally, consumer confidence was shaken following headlines of breakdowns in the food safety system - BSE in Britain and E.coli outbreaks in Japan, Australia, Scotland and the United States. These highly visible episodes led to widespread moves internationally and in New Zealand, to revise food safety regulations. In New Zealand these were a factor in the development of the Animal Products Act.

The Animal Products Act will eventually repeal the outdated Meat Act 1981 and the Apiaries Act regime. The Animal Products Act will be implemented over a three-year transitional period – until 31 October 2002. During this time all three Acts will operate in parallel except in a three key areas - export provisions, cost recovery and homekill. These areas will be covered by the Animal Products Act, which comes into force from Monday.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's Director, Animal Products, Tony Zohrab said the Act will reduce the Government's involvement at the operational level of the business and puts the responsibility for risk management on industry.

"Government's new role focuses on managing a risk management system within which it sets risk management outcomes for businesses to meet, rather than prescribing how industry should deliver safe animal products," he said.

For further information contact:
Tony Zohrab, Director Animal Products, Phone: 021 673 423
Victor Walker, Project Manager, Animal Products Act, Phone: 04 474 4193
Judy Barker, Programme Manager (Meat and Seafood) Phone: 04 474



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