Border Charges to Increase

22 May 2003

Increased charges for biosecurity services at the border will be in place by 2 June 2003.

Justin Downs, National Manager with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Quarantine Service (MAFQS) said current charges no longer accurately reflect the actual costs involved in maintaining New Zealand's biosecurity border defences.

"Existing cost recovery legislation has not been reviewed since 1993. Over the last decade there has been increased pressures on our borders through trade and tourism and our biosecurity systems must remain responsive to this pressure." he said.

MAFQS undertakes key biosecurity services such as the inspection and clearance of passengers, cargo and mail, and the approval and supervision of transitional and containment facilities. In relation to cargo, all biosecurity activities are funded by those who require the services such as importers and shipping companies.

Costs will continue to be charged at either a fixed or an hourly rate. Veterinary inspection rate of $96.10 per hour will remain the same, but the rate for general border inspection will increase from $57.40 per hour to $72.30 an hour, the new categories of Biosecurity Scientist and Biosecurity Adviser will be charged out at an hourly rate of $104.40 and $130.00 respectively.

Under the new regulations the basic cost for a permit issued by the Biosecurity Authority under the Biosecurity Act (1993) for the import of risk goods will be $130.

Mr Downs said the changes would also streamline current cost recovery legislation. The Biosecurity (Costs ) Regulations 1993, the Forest Disease Control Regulations 1967 and the Forest Produce Import and Export Regulations will be replaced with the Forests (Notice of Export of Indigenous Timber) Regulations 2003 and the Biosecurity (Costs) Regulations 2003.

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