Chief Forestry Officer Appointment

27 November 1998

The Chief of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Regulatory Authority, Andrew McKenzie, today announced the appointment of Dr Ruth Frampton to the position of Chief Forestry Officer with the Ministry. She will take up the appointment on 1 January 1999.

Dr Frampton has had considerable experience in biosecurity having worked in MAF Regulatory Authority’s Plants Group for a number of years and managed the surveillance and exotic pest preparedness portfolios. She has experience acting in the Chief Plants Officer position and led the emergency response to the 1995 fruit fly incursion. In addition, she has recently worked in the Minister of Biosecurity’s office and been involved with biosecurity in an even wider sense.

"Ruth has skills and experience both at a domestic and international level that will add a new dimension to MAF Regulatory Authority’s relationship with the industry, where all components are working together as a partnership to mitigate risks and enhance opportunities, " Dr McKenzie said.

Gordon Hosking, who moved from the Forest Research Institute on a short term appointment to lead the MAF Regulatory Authority Forestry team during the merger of MAF and the Ministry of Forestry will be returning to his role with the Institute.

"Gordon has done an excellent job aligning forestry biosecurity with the MAF biosecurity systems," Dr McKenzie said. " Although new to forestry, it was the opinion of the interview panel that Ruth would develop with the forestry industry and MAF Regulatory Authority to build on this work and be extremely valuable for MAF, forestry and New Zealand."

"I am looking forward to working with her in the role of Chief Forestry Officer and having her as part of my senior management team".

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