Consultants Summary Sent to Submitters in Mid-January

23 December 1996

The Ministry of Agriculture will distribute the executive summary of the independent consultants who analysed public submissions on the Application to import Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD) after the holiday break.

A copy of the executive summary of the report by Taylor Baines and Associates of Christchurch will be sent to all those who made one of the more than 750 submissions received. Copies of the full report of the analysis of public submissions, and the submissions themselves, will be lodged at Link Centres and available on order from MAF or GP Print. The full analysts’ report will also be available on the new MAF Internet site (

MAF had intended to distribute the summary to submitters before Christmas, but this will not be possible because, due to the number of submissions, the final report was not received in time to have it out before Christmas.

Reviewers Announced

MAF has also announced the organisations providing the reviewers to review the submissions. Contracts have been signed with:

  • Lektos Consulting Limited of Palmerston North
  • Massey University of Palmerston North
  • Robert E. Shope of the University of Texas Medical Branch, USA
  • Brian Boag of the Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK

In the case of a contract with an organisation, MAF has approached the organisation about releasing the name of the individual concerned. The Ministry hopes to be in a position to release these names shortly.

MAF also hopes to conclude a contract with another internationally renouned scientist. The name of that consultant will be released as soon as the contract has been finalised.

The following government departments will also be review submissions:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Te Puni Kokiri
  • Department of Conservation
  • Ministry for the Environment

As with the earlier peer review of the application itself these reviewers will assess the document separately and individually, from the perspective of their specific area of expertise, not collectively as a group.

Their role will be to advise MAF’s Chief Veterinary Officer whether or not any new “significant” issues were raised in the public submissions. They will not make any recommendations regarding whether or not the Application should be granted.

The intention is to identify any new issues raised in the submissions which would completely alter the approach of the Application. Other significant issues, which are not new, will be also be given appropriate consideration in the Chief Veterinary Officer’s recommendations.

The peer reviewers involved in the earlier review of the Application itself will also have input, but, because their comments were publicly released and may therefore have been included in some public submissions, they have agreed to stand aside from the task of advising whether there are any new ‘significant’ issues were raised in the submissions.

Media inquiries to:

Dr Barry O’Neil, Chief Veterinary Officer (04)474 4100
Debbie Gee, Manager, Corporate Communications (04)474 4258



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