Dr Jolly goes to Washington

5 February 1998

MAF’s former Residues national manager Bill Jolly is New Zealand’s new Veterinary Counsellor in Washington. He is responsible for resolving technical market access problems encountered by our agriculture and seafood exporters.

He replaces Barry Marshall in Washington DC, who has held the position for four years.

Dr Jolly has been Residues national manager at MAF for four years. He moves to Washington with his wife and two children.

New Zealand has two veterinary counsellors overseas, one in Washington, the other (Dr Caryll Shailer) in Brussels, Belgium. Together the counsellors cover the European Union, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, America, Canada, Mexico and when required South America.

For both Counsellors, the majority of their time is spent maintaining and improving trade access conditions and promoting the removal or modification of unjustified technical barriers to trade for New Zealand’s goods and services to overseas markets. They also spend time working with overseas federal and government agencies to resolve and instigate action on issues that might affect New Zealand exports of meat, game meat, finfish, shellfish (although MAF no longer includes fisheries, it maintains responsibility for the food safety aspects of fish exports), dairy and horticulture products, by-products and live animal quarantine/inspection and animal welfare issues.

Back home, the information the counsellors provide keeps exporters and authorities up to date with quality technical and policy information, including any legislative changes in importing countries which might affect trade.



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