Drought Brings More Funding for Animal Welfare

25 May 1998

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is to receive an extra $53,000 for animal welfare investigations as a result of the drought. This is an addition to the package of indirect drought assistance measures already funded by the Government.

Animal welfare concerns and the need for appropriate MAF involvement in complaint investigations have been raised regularly at farmer meetings over recent months. This feedback reflects concerns not only about the welfare of the animals themselves, but about the domestic image of farming, and the risks to international trade if key overseas markets perceive animal welfare problems are not being adequately addressed.

Overseas media and market interest was an important issue in the 1992 South Island snow storms and required considerable input from MAF field staff.

The Government’s funding for animal welfare investigations by MAF Quality Management, the Ministry’s service delivery arm, was reduced by $235,000 for the period 1 January to 30 June 1998. However, this reduction envisaged ‘normal’ climatic conditions. The serious and deteriorating drought situation in both the North and South Islands means the existing budget has already been spent, and additional funding is essential in order to continue essential activities for the rest of the financial year.

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