Employment Court Restrains MAF Vets from Striking

09 February 2001

The Employment Court today (09 February) made an order restraining MAF Verification Authority vets from striking until Tuesday (13 February).

Chief Judge Tom Goddard said he was adjourning the hearing until 9am on Tuesday at which time he would deliver a judgement aurally in court, or a judgement would be issued in writing. Were a judgement issued in writing it would be available on either Monday or Tuesday, he said.

A written judgement would be available to all parties, the public and the news media, Chief Judge Goddard said.

Chief Judge Goddard is set to rule on three separate issues:

  • Whether or not the fact that the date of registration of the National Union of Public Employees preceded the 02 October 2000 coming into force of the Employment Relations Act rendered that registration a nullity;
  • Whether or not lack of clarity of strike notices rendered them invalid; and
  • Whether or not the union failed to follow its own voting rules by using email voting.

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