"Filthy" Milk Not of NZ Origin

8 May 2002

Tim Knox, Director of the MAF Food: Dairy and Plant Products Group today confirmed that the so called "filthy milk" reported to have been exported to the United States by a New Zealand company earlier this year was not of New Zealand origin. The products concerned were originally manufactured in the United States.

"After consulting with the US Food & Drug Administration, we have been able to establish that the products concerned, which included whole milk powders, skim milk powders and long-life cream, were of US origin. The products were detained by FDA when they were returned to the US for destruction as their use-by dates had expired" said Mr Knox.

They were listed on an FDA website database that noted the product had been shipped back to the US by an Auckland shipping company. This was the cause of the mistaken assumption that the product originated from NZ.

"The US is an very important market for New Zealand dairy products. We work closely with US regulatory agencies, such as FDA to ensure New Zealand dairy products exported to the United States comply with New Zealand product safety and labelling regulations and any specific US requirements."

For further information contact:
Tim Knox, Director MAF Food: Dairy & Plant Products, 04 474 4191 or 021 403 990



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