Forestry Production takes off in Last Quarter

29 November 1999

Forestry processing has increased dramatically in the last quarter according to the latest statistics compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Sawn timber production for the September 1999 quarter - provisionally estimated as 981 000 cubic metres - is 16.0 percent ahead of production levels in the same quarter last year.

High increases were also shown in other panel products:

  • Plywood production (at 62 276 cubic metres) was up 29.6 percent on the level in the September 1998 quarter.
  • Fibreboard production (at 199 070 cubic metres) was up 31.4 percent.
  • In the pulp and paper industries wood pulp production at 376 453 tonnes was up 10.7 percent.

Paper and paperboard production at 200 194 tonnes for the latest quarter was not so spectacular, showing an increase of just 2.3 percent on the levels in the September 1998 quarter.

The increase in production levels during the latest quarter are reflected in the highest quarterly level of forest harvesting recorded in roundwood removals (unprocessed tree trunks) from New Zealand forests.

At an estimated level of 4 921 000 cubic metres, roundwood removals were up 14.4 percent on the levels in the same 1998 quarter.

A significant contribution to this level of increased forest harvesting activity was a 42.6 percent increase in export log removals from planted production forests between the June 1999 and September 1999 quarters.

Driving the increase in quarterly export log removals were increased log exports to Korea (978 000 cubic metres, up from 468 000 cubic metres in the September 1998 quarter) and the return of China as a log export market.

Log exports through New Zealand ports totalled 1 673 000 cubic metres in the September 1999 quarter, an increase of 42.6 percent from the June 1999 quarter.

Log exports in the September quarter were valued at NZ$152,622,000, an increase of 46.1 percent.

The busiest Ports of Loading were Tauranga with provisional log export volumes of 985,000 cubic metres, followed by Whangarei at 168,000 cubic metres (just ahead of the Port of Nelson at 165,000 cubic metres).


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