Honey Imports Under Review

15 December 2004

The possibility of more honey and beehive products being allowed into New Zealand is a step closer to reality, with the completion and release of a new MAF import risk analysis on honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax and bee venom.

The risk analysis recommends safeguards that will enable the importation of honey and other bee products from more countries than at present. Currently, New Zealand allows the importation of honey and bee products from only a few Pacific Island nations.

The importation of bee products, especially honey, has been a contentious issue with Australia for over a decade, where the current ban is believed to be unjustified.

However, this risk analysis concludes that these products can be safely imported with appropriate safeguards to protect New Zealand from exotic pests and diseases, such as European foulbrood and small hive beetle. Safeguards recommended for specific diseases include area freedoms, heat treatments, freezing and irradiation.

The risk analysis is now out for public consultation.

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