Korea Lifts Restrictions on New Zealand Export Fruit

23 April 1997

Korea has advised the Ministry of Agriculture that it has lifted its restrictions on all fruit exported from New Zealand, which was imposed last year after the discovery of Mediterranean fruit fly in the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill.

In its move Korea accepts that the Ministry of Agriculture's programme to eradicate Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) from the Auckland area has been successful.

This means that all fruit sourced from outside the quarantine zone heading for the Korean market no longer has to be exported in insect proof containers if passing through the 15 kilometre radius quarantine zone around the original fruit fly find. Also all export fruit produced within the zone will no longer require special post-harvest fruit fly requirements.

In reaching its decision, Korea considered data forwarded by the Ministry, and was confident that three generations of fruit fly completed with no new finds meant that Medfly had been eradicated from New Zealand.



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