Luxton Urges Public Input into Border

NZ Government Media Release

28 July 1999

Border Control Minister John Luxton today reassured conservationists including Forest and Bird's Kevin Smith that the Government's Border Review does not have a pre-determined outcome.

"Contrary to what Mr Smith says the entire purpose of the border review is to examine all the options and allow opportunity for public input. Only this morning in today's Independent did I reiterate that 'I have no particular preferences about which model is adopted - that is an issue the review team is working through with stakeholders and interested parties'."

"The Government takes its commitment to managing and protecting our borders very seriously. The present review and its recommendations will not change this commitment. The purpose of the review is to see if we can do things better in protecting our sovereign interests from risks associated with people and goods crossing the border."

"The discussion document has already had input from over 90 stakeholders and is now going out for further public consultation. I would encourage Forest and Bird and any one else to have their say on the options outlined in the review team's report."

Public submissions close on 31 August 1999. Copies of the report are available from the Border Review Team, PO Box 1042, Wellington; ph (04) 474 8199.

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