MAF investigation of piggery concludes

July 2009

An investigation by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) into the operations of a Levin piggery has concluded, with MAF determining no breaches of the current Code of Welfare for Pigs, issued pursuant to section 75 of the Animal Welfare Act.

The pig farm investigated was at the centre of a recent report by TVNZ’s “Sunday” programme.

As Warranted Inspectors under the Animal Welfare Act (1999), MAF's role is to investigate for any possible offences and ensure that if any unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress is being suffered by animals on the farm, they prevent or mitigate it by ensuring appropriate steps such as veterinary treatment and husbandry practices are carried out.

The Code of Welfare for Pigs, issued in 2005, is currently under review by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC).

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Note: More information and full details of the investigation can be found within the attached report:

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