MAF RCD Group to Visit Australia

26 March 1997

A group from the Ministry of Agriculture departs on Monday (31 March) for a four-day study tour of rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) in Australia. The six member group’s itinery includes meetings in Canberra with Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Gardner Murray, with the Bureau of Resources Sciences, and with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services.

It will also visit areas in the Flinders Ranges and Pylong, northwest of Melbourne, where rabbit calicivirus has been released, and the Australian Animal Health Laboratory at Geelong near Melbourne, where research on RCD was carried out.

The group comprises:

Dr Peter O’Hara, Deputy Director-General (and designated decision-maker on the RCD Application)
Dr Barry O’Neil, Chief Veterinary Officer
Dr Peter Kettle, Director, Science Policy
Kevin Corrin, National Manager, Quarantine
Elizabeth Stoddart, Technical Advisor, Quarantine
Debbie Gee, Manager, Corporate Communications

RCD was approved for release in Australia in September 1996, after earlier escaping to the mainland from field trials on Wardang Island. The group will be viewing the effects of the virus first hand, and asking a range of questions about the Australian research and release programmes and the effects of the virus since its release.



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