MAF to provide local support for snow stricken Mid and South Canterbury

30 June 2006

Four rural support facilitators, to assist farmers coping with the after-effects of the 12 June snow, will be appointed by the end of the week.

MAF Policy South Island team leader John Greer said the appointments follow Monday's announcement by Minister of Agriculture Jim Anderton of government support for snow stricken communities.

"Ashburton, Timaru, Fairlie and Waimate will each have one person responsible for co-ordinating assistance to farmers and households. They will be based in Federated Farmers' offices in Ashburton and Timaru and Mackenzie District Council and Waimate District Council offices in Fairlie and Waimate. We expect these positions will remain until at least the end of July.

"The people appointed will be responsible for ensuring that every farm and household requiring help in that particular district will receive it. We will shortly be calling for volunteers to assist. The first priority is to ensure any farmers in difficulty are able to make good operational decisions, therefore ensuring there are no animal welfare issues later in the winter," he said.

Volunteers will ideally have a farming background, or at least be familiar with rural issues, he said.

"At this stage we are not sure how many volunteers will be needed, but once we have the co-ordinators in place, we will be calling for people able to make contact with those farmers and rural families that may be struggling, either in the home or on the farm.

"We need to make sure that where help is needed, it will be provided.

"This is an extreme event. As a result of the snow, many farmers are confronting significant problems carrying out routine activities. We are co-ordinating support to ensure that everyone will receive whatever help they need.

"As well as farming or business decisions, where needed, assistance on family welfare issues will be identified, co-ordinated and provided," he said.

Anyone who requires assistance should contact their local Civil Defence office in the first instance.

Further information: John Greer - 03 358 1864/0274 327 692

Further Government Action in Snow-hit Canterbury
(Beehive Press Release dated 10.07.06)



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