MAF Vet Named Vice-President of World Vet Association

4 July 1997

Jim Edwards, MAF's National Manager, International Animal Trade, is the new vice-president of the World Vet Association (WVA). He has been elected for a three year term.

Dr Edwards has been a member of the association for several years and has been the representative for the Asia and Oceania region since 1995. He said his work with the WVA has provided the chance for him to give something back to the veterinary profession. "It's also helped reinforce the MAF relationships we already have through work in the international trade area," he said.

In a major undertaking, Dr Edwards has led the restructuring of the World Veterinary Association. He said the aim is to make the WVA a more dynamic organisation by undertaking a number of initiatives, including the establishment of the veterinary profession and advancement of veterinary education, particularly in developing countries. This will involve setting up local veterinary associations and setting minimum standards for veterinary qualifications.

The association is also setting up a global coordination of resources to respond to calls for veterinary help from countries hit by a natural disaster, such as flood or earthquake.

"New Zealand is helping lead the way in the change (at WVA) and we are seen as a go-ahead dynamic country that can get things done. It can only be good for the profession and us," said Dr Edwards.



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