Meat imports restricted from Britain

23 February 2001

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is restricting the importation of what little meat and meat products there are coming into the country from Britain after the foot and mouth outbreak there.

Potential risk goods such as meat and meat products, dairy, milk and milk products, wool and semen have been restricted fromentering New Zealand.

New Zealand has not imported commercial consignments of meat and meat products from Britain for more than 10 years. However, a number of meat and meat products in small quantities for personal use are allowed into New Zealand from countries free of foot and mouth.

MAF has notified its staff at the border, the MAF Quarantine Service, that all meat and meat products from Britain must be seized from passengers at the border.

Normally some bovine semen is imported but the main trade does not start until May/June. The restrictions imposed now will be reassessed then.

MAF will continue to consult with the UK and the European Union to ensure that the measures imposed here are appropriate to the risk.

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Gita Parsot, MAF Communications on N/A

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