Minister Sutton Announces Reduced Aerial Operation Area for the Winter Campaign

27 May 2003

Today Minister Sutton announced the first Targeted Winter Aerial Operation, planned for Wednesday 11 June, would take place across a drastically reduced area through the winter months.

Aerial operations during June, July, August, and September will cover five Winter Target Areas, places where the painted apple moth has previously been found. These include Hobsonville - under 100 hectares, Riverpark around 200 hectares, Ranui/Swanson and Waikumete Cemetery approximately 250 hectares and Motions/Meola Creek 110 hectares. In total an area of less than a 1,000 hectares will be treated.

Mr Sutton said the aircraft to be used would be the "air tractor", a light fixed-wing aircraft, not the Fokker Friendship.

Weather permitting; the operation over the reduced area should be carried out in a single day. As a guide a 7am start and perfect conditions will allow the operation to be completed by midday. There will be no spraying during 8am to 9am on days the children are travelling to school. MAF is endeavouring to have areas sprayed in a prescribed order so that residents will know the approximate time the aircraft will be in their area.

Public information and updates will be available on Newstalk ZB(1080AM) and MoreFM(91.8FM), through the call centre 0800 96 69 96 and the website The public can also visit the website to look at a map of the Winter Target Areas.

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