Movement controls for stock with residue violations

24 October 2000

New movement controls on animals with more than the legal limit of residues will be implemented on 1 November 2000.

The need for movement controls comes as a result of the recent European Commission audit in New Zealand, which evaluated the regulatory control of residues in live animals and their products.

The new measures will potentially affect a very small number of New Zealand farmers who are subject to residue monitoring controls because they have had over the legal limit of residue in their animals, says Dennis Butler, Meat Industry Standards Council chairperson.

"Movement controls may also be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry where, for example, an environmental hazard occurs or where there is an illegal use of an agricultural compound or veterinary medicine," he said.

The revised programme, developed under the Animal Products Act, will be implemented from 1 November 2000.

The need for controls has been supported by the Meat Industry Standards Council, the Meat Industry Association, Meat NZ and Federated Farmers. All parties recognise the importance of having appropriate measures in place to protect New Zealand's reputation for food safety, and retain our market access.

The movement control measures have three major components:

  • the details of the farmer identified as a risk source will be added to the suspect or semi-suspect list. This list will include the details of the owner or person in charge of the animal.
  • a written movement control notice issued to farmers by MAF to restrict the movement of animals to and from the property.
  • a movement control permit to allow animals to be moved from affected farms.

Movement control information is available via the MAF website or a hard copy can be provided by contacting Geoff Maughan at Manor House Press on 04-568-6071.

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Tony Zohrab, Director Animal Products, Phone: 021-673-423
Allan Frazer, Meat New Zealand. Telephone: 0800-969-328. Ext: 840

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