New animal welfare certification required for export

21 December 1999

Many animals to be exported will be required to have their welfare certified before departure from 1 January 2000 says the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Dr Jim Edwards, the National Manager of International Trade, said the requirement was aimed at those animals exported by air beyond Australia and the South Pacific Islands and all exports by sea. The majority of exports from New Zealand were by air to Australia, and these were exempt because of a good history of safe transportation.

Internationally recognised provisions will be enforced to help assure the welfare of animals. These include the requirements of the International Air Transportation Association and standards developed especially for animals being exported from New Zealand for shipment by sea.

Dr Edwards said that the purpose of this new requirement was to ensure that the animal's welfare was provided for and that it arrived at its destination in good health. This was also important for New Zealand's international market access where purchase decisions are made in part on the basis of our welfare practices.

People wanting to export animals should call 0800 111 EXP (0800 111 397) when planning to export animals.

For further information contact:

Dr Jim Edwards, MAF Biosecurity Authority
Tel: (04) 474 4138
Fax: (04) 4744 227



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