New Zealand Medical Student Wins ANZCCART Award

17 September 1997

Otago University medical student Neil Price has won the ANZCCART (Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching) Student Award for 1997, for the best abstract of a paper provided by an honours or post-graduate student in New Zealand or Australia.

Mr Price will attend a joint ANZCCART and National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) conference on ethical approaches to animal based science this weekend (September 19-20) in Auckland. He will receive $1000 to offset the cost of attending the two-day event and will give a 10 minute talk during the conference on his successful paper. The award is given in conjunction with the conference.

Mr Price, 22, is originally from Invercargill and is taking a year out of medicine to study ethics. His paper will look at two major theoretical decision making frameworks often employed in bio-ethics.

Conference topics include ethical issues and animal use in science, promoting animal welfare, the effectiveness of animal ethics committees and avoiding and alleviating pain and suffering in animals used in science.

More than 180 people have registered, including scientists, researchers, teachers, animal welfarists and students from New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

The conference’s guest speaker will be Professor Sir Colin Spedding, a world renown agricultural scientist and high profile figure in agricultural marketing and research in the United Kingdom and Europe. He is chairman of the United Kingdom Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), the UK register of Organic Food Standards, and the Council of Science and Technology, as well as being the author of numerous books and more than 200 published papers.

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