1996 News



24-07-96 New Zealand Lamb and Beef Safe
26-06-96 Less chance of disease transmission with the importation of embryos
25-06-96 Animals Welfare and International Trade
18-06-96 Winter Control Programme for Mediterranean Fruit Fly
17-06-96 More Fruit Fly Larvae Found in Incubated Fruit
05-06-96 Australia Reduces Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone to 15 Kilometres


29-08-96 Biotechnology Conference Report Published
22-08-96 MAF declares New Zealand a Controlled Area
15-08-96 Government Seeks Public Comment to Develop Ballast Water Policy
15-08-96 Our Land, Our Future Launched
09-08-96 Early Disbudding of Calves by Cautery Recommended
07-08-96 Making New Zealand Farms Safe
05-08-96 Taranaki Lease Report


13-09-96 National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee Annual Report Released
10-09-96 Airport Quarantine receives $20 million boost
05-09-96 RCD Application Released for Public Comment
04-09-96 Revised Sheep Welfare Code Published


30-10-96 Submissions on RCDApplication Closing Soon
25-10-96 Farmer Fined for Drug Residues in Bobby Calves
23-10-96 Risk Mitigation in the Pipfruit Industry
17-10-96 No Legal Grounds for MAF to Prosecute
17-10-96 Food Safety Standards for Meat will be Maintained
14-10-96 RCD Peer Reviewers’ Comments to be Available to Public
10-10-96 Pesticides Board Makes Moves to Reduce Spray Drift
07-10-96 Tongan Watermelons Cleared for Release
04-10-96 Fruit Fly Interception On Tongan Watermelons
02-10-96 Layer Hen Welfare Code Issued


23-12-96 Consultants Summary Sent to Submitters in Mid-January
18-12-96 Signing of EU Veterinary Agreement A Bonus for NZ Producers
16-12-96 Animal Remedies Board Takes Vitamin B12 Injection Off Prescription
04-12-96 MAF to Lay Charge Over Alleged 24-D Spray Drift


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