1997 News

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24-01-97 Sheep Welfare Code Proves To Be A Sellout
22-01-97 MAF Expands RCD Consultation
17-01-97 Australia to Lift Fruit Fly Related Restrictions on 27 January
17-01-97 Information Specialists Needed
17-01-97 Agricultural Sector Leaders support Government Economic Policy Direction
17-01-97 Agricultural Sector Leaders pan Government Legislation


26-02-97 MAF Wants Full Scientific Input on RCD Decision
26-02-97 Sawfly Found in South Auckland
20-02-97 Unlicensed Remedies Break Law and Risk Trade
14-02-97 MAF Complaint Against Frontline Programme Upheld in High Court
05-02-97 Emergency Slaughter Code Published


26-03-97 MAF RCD Group to Visit Australia
24-03-97 Letter to "New Zealand Farmer"
24-03-97 MAF Musters Cyberflocks on the Internet
21-03-97 Confusion over Preparation and Sale of Uninspected Meat
11-03-97 RCD Reviewers’ Reports Sent to Submitters


30-04-97 MAF spends $NZ110 to put on 30 Day Internationa Conference
29-04-97 Northland Farmer Prosecuted for Cruelty to Livestock
23-04-97 Korea Lifts Restrictions on New Zealand Export Fruit
18-04-97 RCD Reviewers' Reports receive 102 Responses
17-04-97 MAF RCD Assessment Team on South Island Study Tour
11-04-97 Wealth made from Freezing Works Waste
11-04-97 Japan Lifts Restrictions On New Zealand Export Fruit
04-04-97 Butchers Processing Home Kill Meat Should Take Care
02-04-97 United States Lifts Restrictions On New Zealand Export Fruit
01-04-97 Uninspected Meat should not be bought by Fundraisers


30-05-97 New Zealand needs new Animal Welfare Legislation
30-05-97 Parasite Found in Home-Killed Pig
23-05-97 Food Mutating Genie refuses to return to its Bottle
20-05-97 Claims of Sabotage Dismissed in Fire Blight Debate
19-05-97 Wobbly Possum Disease Virus Thought to Have Been Isolated
19-05-97 Wobbly Possum Disease/Borna Disease Virus Background Information
16-05-97 Home Killed Meat Seized
09-05-97 New Zealand and Australia Co-operating on Fire blight Tests


27-06-97 First Ten Years of Animal Ethics Regulations
17-06-97 Mixed Year on the Farm
17-06-97 Fair Exchange?
17-06-97 Gene technology - tomorrow’s technology today
13-06-97 Trichinella Update
04-06-97 New Zealand Agricultural Industries to benefit from New Research


31-07-97 How They See It Down on the Farm
22-07-97 Pending Prosecutions for Uninspected Meat Suppliers
21-07-97 MAF Stings Illegal Bee Pollen Imports
08-07-97 New Ministry to take over Responsibility for Agriculture and Forestry
04-07-97 MAF Vet named Vice-President of World Vet Association
02-07-97 MAF says "No" to RCD


30-08-97 First Positive RCD Result for Canterbury
30-08-97 MAF Reassures Pet Owners
29-08-97 Cromwell Controlled Area To Be Lifted
29-08-97 Restricted Place Notices to be Lifted; Controlled Area to Remain
28-08-97 RCD Positives Recorded in Twizel and Maniototo
27-08-97 More RCD Positives Within Controlled Area
26-08-97 RCD Confirmed in South Island
21-08-97 Ostrich and Emu Welfare Code Being Drafted
19-08-97 Director-General of Agriculture Says Review of RCD Decision "Unwarranted"
14-08-97 Revised Bobby Calves Welfare Code Released


26-09-97 Legal Issues Relating to Use of RCD
19-09-97 El Nino
17-09-97 New Zealand Medical Student Wins ANZCCART Award
16-09-97 Animal Ethics Conference
15-09-97 World Renowned Agricultural Scientist Visits
09-09-97 Proposed Regulation Change to Legalise Possession of RCD
09-09-97 Government Response To The Outbreak Of RCD
05-09-97 MAF Clarifies Legal Stance on RCD Prosecutions
02-09-97 Investigation Confirms MAF Staff Member NOT Involved in RCD Importation
02-09-97 Chief executive appointment: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
01-09-97 Meat Industry to Adopt Latest in Food Safety Programmes


31-10-97 MAF Releases a Risk Analysis for Imports of Salmon and Trout for Human Consumption
14-10-97 MAF Repeats Assurances to Pet Owners
03-10-97 Pet Rabbit Owners Advised to Vaccinate Against RCD


07-11-97 RCD Released In Hawkes Bay
07-11-97 New Zealand Biosecurity Enforcement a World Leader
06-11-97 Provisional New Structure for MAF Released


19-12-97 Animal Research - Doing it with the Three Rs
15-12-97 Ruminant Feedban Regulation Proposed


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