1998 News

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24-02-98 Providing Small Farm Operators with What They Need to Know
20-02-98 Transporters of Animals to Adhere to Welfare Code
19-02-98 Forestry to Retain Status in new Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
12-02-98 New Animal Health Reference Laboratory to be Located at Wallaceville
12-02-98 Reduced Meat Eating - A Growing Trend
12-02-98 A Must-Read for those concerned about Protecting Animal Health
11-02-98 Funding of Passenger, Aircraft and Vessel Clearance New Zealand's Border
11-02-98 Cost Recovery for Passenger, Aircraft and Vessel Clearance at the Border Background  Information
09-02-98 Instant Fines for Quarantine Border Breaches
02-02-98 Dr Jolly goes to Washington


31-03-98 Two SOEs Established from MAF QUAL
17-03-98 MAF treating infested eucalypt trees
13-03-98 High Court Dismisses Vexma/Fertex Appeal
12-03-98 MAF Investigating "Balclutha Horse Syndrome"
04-03-98 MAF Needs Cattle Brains


09-04-98 Bird Smuggler Sentenced to Nine Months Imprisonment
06-04-98 MAF analysing submissions on feed ban
01-04-98 "Balclutha Horse Syndrome" Not Caused By Exotic Disease


28-05-98 Director-General of MAF to Chair OECD Committee for Agriculture
26-05-98 MAF Repeats Advice to Pet Rabbit Owners to Vaccinate Against RCD
25-05-98 Drought Brings More Funding for Animal Welfare
20-05-98 A Welfare Code for Dog Owners
19-05-98 Improved Prospects for Agriculture and Forestry
19-05-98 Drought Reduces Farm Gate Returns by estimated $260 Million by end of June
19-05-98 Economic Turmoil likely to have more affect on Agriculture and Forestry than Drought


30-06-98 Deregulation of Livestock Earmarks and Hide Brands
19-06-98 MAF Successfully Prosecutes Farmer for Residues in Bobby Veal
08-06-98 Special Conditions for Competition Horses in MAF Equine Import Review


30-07-98 AWAC Annual Report Emphasises Link Between Trade and Animal Welfare
30-07-98 New Plant Fungus Found In Auckland Box Hedges
27-07-98 Poor Quality Feed Risk to Stock Health
24-07-98 Good Shelter Saves Newborn Animals
23-07-98 1080 poison - safeguard your dogs and livestock
21-07-98 High Court Grants Rare Civil Injunction
07-07-98 Ostrich and Emu Welfare Code Launched
06-07-98 Awards for Positive Images of Rural Women
01-07-98 Options to reduce drought impact on stock health and welfare


31-08-98 Dogs Need to be Safeguarded Against All Pest Poisons
26-08-98 Advice for Farmers in Handling Bearings in Ewes
26-08-98 New Zealand to allow importation of salmon, trout and char for human consumption
25-08-98 An emerging problem in ewes in the south - Salmonella Brandenburg
20-08-98 Homekill and unregulated animal products
19-08-98 Decrease in Export of Forestry Products
11-08-98 Government Proposes Single Food Safety Authority (NZ Government Release)
10-08-98 Drought Heightens Risk of Sleepy Sickness, Grass Staggers and Milk Fever


30-09-98 American Foulbrood National Pest Management Strategy Comes Into Effect  (NZ Government Release)
23-09-98 Animal Welfare Bill Introduced (NZ Government Release)
23-09-98 Chinese Academy of Forestry President Visits
23-09-98 Important expression of free trade principles in action (NZ Government Release)
21-09-98 Times up for Infestation of Subterranean Termites
17-09-98 Passenger and Craft Border Clearance Cost Recovery (NZ Government Release)
04-09-98 Investigations Underway into Vaccine for Salmonella Brandenburg
04-09-98 MAF to Fund Salmonella Brandenburg Research
04-09-98 MAF Finds No Grounds for Prosecution on Lamb Death Cases
02-09-98 World Demand for MAF Quarantine Services
02-09-98 NAEAC 1997 Annual Report Released (From National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee)


30-10-98 China Lifts Ban On New Zealand Fruit (NZ Government Release)
30-10-98 New Arrangements for Delivery of Animal Welfare Field Services
06-10-98 Government Releases Timberlands Sustainable Beech Plans (NZ Government Release)


27-11-98 Chief Forestry Officer Appointment
20-11-98 Last Day for Public Comment on Timberlands Plans for North Westland
09-11-98 MAF places precautionary Tussock Moth Traps
06-11-98 Dutch elm disease trapping season starts
06-11-98 Winners of Rural Women’s Day Photo and Journalism Awards Named
04-09-98 MAF Using the World Wide Web to Declare It for New Zealand
02-11-98 Pilchard Deaths Forecast
02-11-98 Two New SOES To Support Nation's Economic Backbone (NZ Government Release)


23-12-98 Conditional "Green Light" For Sustainable Beech On West Coast (NZ Government Release)
17-12-98 Spraydrift Charge Dropped
14-12-98 Further Convictions for Animal Welfare Offences
09-12-98 MAF person to chair International Commission
08-12-98 Import health standard for Jersey cattle semen released soon
02-12-98 MAF Announces Decision in Kaimanawa Horse Grazing Case
02-12-98 Government to Protect Recreational Fishery (NZ Government Release)
01-12-98 MAF examines disease risks from cattle imports


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